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Out Cold

Ice from Lake Superior Duluth

I love to travel and often wish that I could travel full time. I try to take inspiration from my travels and capture it in to pictures. I feel the need to travel, and a fast weekend get away will luckily do the trick. On a quick trip to Duluth I enjoyed the beach in winter. It is a good thing that it has been a warm winter. The temperature in Duluth was not as harsh as it could have been. We did find a good way to warm up by sipping some fantastic drinks and enjoying the free tour at Vikre Distillery. Whenever we travel, we love to go on brewery, distillery and winery tours. Vikre did not disappoint. I tried something new and found that I like Aquavit. If you haven't tried it yet you should get your hands on some - I know I'm going to be looking for it on the next run to the store. Now comes the sad part of unpacking the bag, but I guess you have to unpack so you can pack for your next trip.


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