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I recently got back from Copenhagen, Denmark. and I'm already missing the city's charm. This city is pulled right out of story books and the spring weather was perfectly chilly. Vacations are a way to slow down from busy life and recenter oneself. Copenhagen has the hustle and bustle of a normal city but feels small; which was great for us as we were walking most of it. There are lots of things we learn from travel, Copenhagen had a lot of new things to try. Eating outside under heat lamps and blankets is the thing to do. It didn't matter if it was mid 40's. This was something I wish was more popular back home, however the snow would be quite a problem. As usual we ate our way through the city and learned that food can be pretty and comfort food at the same time. Hygge is a Danish art of creating joy & coziness in life's everyday moments, whatever the season or time of day. This is something I think that everyone could use a little more of. I could spend ages talking about the fashion both men an women, but one thing no one should be without is a black leather (or vegan leather) coat and a scarf. One thing I learned for sure is that we will be back.

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