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American Wedding

There are girls who dream about their wedding for years. Well, I wasn't really one of them. Don't get me wrong I thought about it. One time it included a beach wedding where the guys would wear shortsedos, but that may have been more about the giggly plans of pre-teens. For me it has always been about finding the perfect partner to share my life with and not the big white wedding. My parents eloped, and I got to see how well their marriage has worked. They will be married 40 years in November so I figured the wedding wasn't important. As you may know I had the big white wedding in October. Evan and I sat down and talked about what was important to us; the getting married part, making sure it was a celebration of all love, and that our family and friends had a great party. The rest for us was just details. Everything falls in to place when it's not a big concern. That's not saying we didn't get stressed because when you plan an event for 250 people there will be stress. We did it. We got married and had a great party. We got to celebrate our 6 month anniversary in the coolest way. We got to celebrate love at Evan's sister's wedding. I found my match, my best friend, and the best date for any wedding. I managed to snap a few pictures during the wedding. but family weddings for me are something I want to enjoy and not end up working. I warn my family and friends that I don't bring cameras to events like weddings so that I can celebrate with them. Because who wants to work when you are supposed to be partying!

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